Blue, Yellow and Black

Driving to pick my kids up I saw this on the way and pulled over to take this image.



On The Grill

Been out of action for a while, but the camera needed a quick repair, unfortunately the “quick repair” required me to get around to getting it done! Back in action now and I shot this while trying to distract myself from feeling hungry….





One of the relics of the Cold War can be found on the ground at Pearls in Grenada. When the American forces landed in their rescue mission ( or “invasion” depending on who you talk to) a Cuban airliner was on the ground at the old airport. As history moved on the aircraft was abandoned and remained on the ground at the now disused air port as the new airport at Point Salines (recently named the Maurice Bishop International Airport) came into use.

This image was shot with my phone from the middle of the cabin of the aircraft. Clearly the world has moved on……

I’m on 500PX’s ISO Blog!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the folks at 500Px’s ISO blog asking if I would be interested in submitting some tips for an article they were doing on mobile phone photography. Having paused (for about a nano second) to think about it I said “ummm you sure you have the right guy?” (well actually that’s what I thought but I really said “Hell yes!”  The article posted today at the following link:


Some things just drop out of a clear blue sky 🙂


Not a bad job to have….

Was shooting a wedding on the west coast of the island. The reception was held on a chartered catamaran. We moored at sunset so the happy couple and their family could have dinner. I had a moment to grab this shot of the other catamaran that was moored just off our stern and the pale sunset behind it. Of course this was shot with my phone.