About Me And Why Am I Doing Another Blog….

I’m a photographer…

no, really…

I’m a professional it’s how I’ve made a living full time for the last 5 years.

One of the cool things about being a pro is that I get to spend money on pro gear, without (too much) grief from my wife.

The problem with pro camera gear is that it usually is very heavy, so you never walk around with it casually. You never say, “I’m off to the corner shop to get a loaf of bread, let me take the D800 with me in case I “see” anything on the way there”. And you never go to family parties with your gear, because you are there to party not work. (One day they will understand!) 😉

Of course I can still see, so it can be very frustrating to see a photo just begging to be taken and your gear is back at your office.

So you you take a picture with the camera you have on you, which is your phone. This is usually a deeply unsatisfying compromise so I recently went out and bought a Nokia Lumina 1020 a beast of a point and shoot camera, with a pretty good phone thrown in.

This blog is about the shots that I take with that phone/camera.

Some ground rules:

There is no rhyme, reason, theme, client for anything on this blog. I saw it, I liked it, I shot it, I posted it. Don’t look for a narrative, there isn’t one.

There is no posting schedule. This is not meant to be another deadline to meet.

I love comments, questions and constructive criticism. I will respond to all of them and hope we can actually have a conversation about photography.

Disrespectful comments will be deleted and banned. (If you’ve been deleted, it was disrespectful) There is no appeal.

About me:

I live on the island of Barbados. Yes I was born here. No I don’t know Rihanna. Yes it is a great place to live, but not in the way you think, if you are comparing it to what you experience when you come here on vacation. No I don’t want to live anywhere else. I’m married, I have two sons. I’ve been taking pictures since I was a teenager (which is too long ago for decent conversation)

I think that answers most of the usual questions.

If you want to see my “real” work you can go to my website http://www.lesliestjohn.com or to my blog http://www.lsjonline.wordpress.com

I hope you like the pictures…..



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