Running into a burning building…..

It’s been something I’ve been trying to deny for a while but my beloved Nokia 1020 has had it’s run. In the time that I’ve had it, I’ve replaced its screen, its camera, its chassis and I’ve taken lots of great pictures. However at 3 years old, it’s positively geriatric in Smartphone years. It wasn’t included in the Windows 10 update and more and more it was showing the “loading” screen and was getting noticeably slower and crashing more.  It was time to move on.

While it may seem questionable to some I’ve decided to go with a Lumia 950xl. Yes I know the Windows Platform is at 2% market share and the app gap and all of that, but I’ve been with the Windows Phone platform for years now and I actually like the interface and the UX. Never been a heavy app user so the whole “Apple has a bajillion apps” discussion is moot, and the camera and camera interface on the 950xl is among the best on the smartphone market today. No it’s not 41MP but neither is anything else out there either. For me and my purposes it’s the best phone on the market today.

So bring on 2017!



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