I want a Surface Phone for Photographers!

Even though my Lumia 1020 is essentially very “old” technology at this stage, I keep using it because as a camera it still blows away everything else in the market place. Apparently it’s headline news that Apple’s new IOS 10 will shoot RAW Files…. something that’s been standard on the 1020. This is why it’s so frustrating that it will not get the windows 10 upgrade… I did contemplate switching to Apple or Android and while there are some great options in both of those ecosystems, I honestly haven’t seen anything that matches up with the image quality I get now. And also I have to admit that I really like the windows interface and yes I know Windows phone is a minimal share of the market. As a phone for photographers the 1020 is in a league of its own.

Microsoft just buried the Lumia line so no 1050 appears to be on the horizon, but…..I keep hearing rumours swirling about a Surface Phone in the offing…And yes I can see that if you wanted to make a fresh start with revolutionary hardware it would be best to do it in a new brand that’s associated with success rather than one which seemed more and more to be about flogging a dead horse. So just in case anyone at Microsoft is listening I thought I’d put in my vote for a phone for photographers.

So here is my wish list for a Surface Phone for photographers…..

  1. High megapixel count 41-50MP
  2. Excellent low light performance (not just high ISO numbers but low noise)
  3. BIG screen, with best of class performance
  4. Short time between shots (a weak point in the 1020) possibly even a rapid sequence.
  5. 4K video
  6. Time lapse and high speed video
  7. Expandable memory (let me carry about 1TB on my phone)
  8. Big battery that’s user interchangable. Give me the option of buying an extra battery for out in the field.
  9. Let the on phone flash be able to trigger my Nikon flashes (Or Pocket Wizards) (I suppose letting it work for Cannon might be a good idea too) 🙂
  10. Can I get built in flash meters and incident light meters in the software.
  11. If it can run real Photoshop and Lightroom that would be great (not apps, but the real software)
  12. Continuum (see #11)
  13. With the expandable memory, give me a way to back up my memory cards from my commercial gear to the phone. If I’m walking around with a 1TB hard drive in my pocket at least make it useful to me in a real world sense.

Now I stress I AM NOT AN ENGINEER and I have no idea how practical this list is. but as a professional photographer I would buy this phone immediately.

Have I missed anything? What would you like to see on a photographer’s phone.

And Microsoft? If you are sitting on this phone and want someone to test it…… #Justsayin….



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